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Posted on August 3, 2018 at 10:55 AM

Do you ever feel like if ONE single person tries my patience today, they can cancel Christmas because I’m going ALL in?

ALL week…I just felt “OFF” and then I realized…OH SNAP…Mercury is in Retrograde!!!!!! That is why I had the “resting bitch face” and WTF is REALLY going on all week!

I try to keep a positive attitude and high vibration with laughing, smiling and looking at the glass half full, but I fell into Mercury’s trap, and now I have to learn to float effectively in order to minimize the damage.

I teach guided meditations on how to raise your vibration, detach and release but you would've NEVER guessed it, judging by my HULK like reaction to SMASH!!!

An acquaintance said in the softest voice…when you get angry of feel “GRRRR”, put your hands together and simply say “OM”.

Mercury had me so messed up, I didn’t even look to my “OM” tattoo for strength! I will concur these next 15 days…I need to LEVEL UP on my Vibe!!!

July 26 – August 18 are the Retrograde dates for 2018…BE COOL, YOU GOT THIS!

Try to keep a positive head on your shoulders, remain calm. Focus on what you are doing, breathe it out and LET IT GO!

Don’t sign any important documents during this time and be careful in all forms of communication. Oh yeah and the big one…”No plastic surgery” *Blank stare*

But above all…stay Happy, Light and full of Love! 

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